NLP: Master Your Emotions – Control Your Destiny
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Course Description
LATEST: Course Updated October 2016

This course is instructed by an expert in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and comes with lifetime access and seven-day a week tutor support.

On completion of the training students are awarded a certificate and post-education support.

You “in-control” and confident!

Learning to master internal states will empower you immensely. The techniques you learn in this course will put you in control, and have you feeling confident, empowered, motivated, and fully alive – regardless of your circumstances.

Generate Instant feelings of confidence when feeling a bit “shaky”
Be dynamic during pivotal moments
Engage others with self-assuredness
Speak in Public without Anxiety, or Fear
Speak to a Camera and Make Powerful Videos with a Rock-Solid Demeanor
Experience happiness by re-creating past success events
Be seen as confident and capable by others
Learn proven NLP strategies and techniques that will eliminate your fear and enable you to Experience yourself as “in-control” and confident.

During this course you will be led through NLP exercise that when practiced correctly have been demonstrated to make a significant difference in quality of life.

You’ll discover how Harvard researchers are at the forefront of modeling…and you’ll learn how to apply what they have found. You’ll practice time-tested and research-validated NLP techniques that will fill you with instant courage and make you poised and calm in front of groups.

You’ll also learn some of the most powerful NLP presuppositions. These foundational NLP principles are part of the advanced bonus section and will skyrocket your ability to be an effective communicator, and person!

What are the requirements?
Please allot 7-15 minutes a day for the next 21 days to practice these exercises
No knowledge of NLP is needed to benefit from these NLP techniques
No additional software is needed
What am I going to get from this course?
Master Your Emotions
Regain a locus of control over your circumstances
Feel dynamic
Live without constraint
Speak confidently in front of others
Address a group of strangers with poise and grace
Utilize the power of their minds to ignite new neural pathways
Present ideas without fear or trepidation
What is the target audience?
Coaches who want to help clients truly excell
Students going back to school who want to start the year off with empowerment
Happiness seekers
Success engineers
Those with anxiety of speaking in public
Business professionals who do presentations
This course is not to be used for serious social anxiety. It is also not intended as medical or psychological advice. If you think you may have a serious condition please consult a medical or health care professional

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