Overcoming Depression & Anxiety
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Are you suffering in silence? In despair without direction?

The Overcoming Depression and Anxiety series brings together world-leading experts in the fields of medicine, neuroscience, nutrition, movement, mindfulness and meditation to share with you their knowledge and clinical experience, along with scientifically proven methods, to help you regain control over how you think and feel.

Discover the tools and the solutions for overcoming depression and anxiety from world-leading experts. The experts teach you how to think, feel and function at “your” best, along with inspired and uplifting stories from individuals who have beaten the odds and reclaimed their life, health, and happiness

In the “Overcoming Depression and Anxiety” series you will discover 11 of the brightest and most brilliant minds in the field of mental health and wellness. Our interviews are a collection of experts, as well as individuals sharing their inspirational personal experiences. The culmination of both of these points of view provides you the listener with the answers and solutions to your mental health challenges.

Episode 1: Old Habits To New Choices with Cyndi O’Meara (48m 55s)
Episode 2: Your Life Matters with Petrea King (47m 3s)
Episode 3: Chemicals In Cosmetics To Avoid with Therese Kerr (44m 5s)
Episode 4: Brain Boosting Foods with Luke Hines (29m 2s)
Episode 5: The Demartini Method Part 1 with Dr. John Demartini (42m 48s)
Episode 6: The Demartini Method Part 2 with Dr. John Demartini (21m 30s)
Episode 7: Change Your Mindset Change Your Life with Pam Brossman (35m 26s)
Episode 8: A Soul Survivor with Carren Smith (45m 15s)
Episode 9: The Streets Were My Home with Maria Pau (32m 12s)
Episode 10: Knowing You Belong with Jeremy Donovan (57m 52s)
Episode 11: The Little Voice Inside with Rhiannon Reese (41m 25s)
Episode 12: Move Right To Think Right Donal Carr (50m 50s)

Get the answers and beat depression & anxiety today!

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