Pickup101 – Spy-Cam Seductions
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SPY-CAM Seductions

8 DVDs and 3 Bonus DVDs

DVD Number 1: How To Approach Any Woman, Anywhere and spark instant attraction. and how to avoid the “nice guy syndrome” without becoming a jerk!

DVD Number 2: How to instantly turn women on and make them comfortable simply by discovering how to touch them. and. how to handle the most popular objection from women, “I have a boyfriend”!

DVD Number 3: How to be a “Natural” and attract women without canned lines, routine stacks and trying to be someone you’re not. Plus, How to wing like a pro!

DVD Number 4: How to read a Woman’s Body Language and know exactly what she’s thinking. and how to approach and handle big groups of people!

DVD Number 5: How to vibe with virtually any woman… or group of women and feel like you’re talking to an ‘old friend’!

DVD Number 6: Daniel Johnson Advanced Hidden Camera Break Down

DVD Number 7: Sean Newman Advanced Hidden Camera Break Down

DVD Number 8: Lance Mason Advanced Hidden Camera Break Down

Lance, Sean and Daniel sit behind a table and comment on the Spy Cam segments that they showing.

3 Bonus DVDs
Bonus DVD1 – Supergirls Commentary – Betty and Shiva give a female perspective on the Spy Cams.
Bonus DVD2 – Unedited Spy Cam 1 – The 2 unedited Spycam DVDs contain the unedited versions of the student Spy Cam segments that Lance, Sean and Daniel discuss on DVDs 1 to 5.
Bonus DVD3 – Unedited Spy Cam 2

One audio CD – This is the audio of the Spycam Seductions by Daniel, Sean and Lance on DVDs 6, 7 and 8.

3 PDFs
1. DVD Table of Contents.pdf
2. Spy-Cam Seductions Transcripts.pdf
3. Spy-Cam Seductions Field Reports.pdf

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